Understand this to keep your lover stay (happily)

Ha Nguyen
2 min readJun 24, 2020

There are 3 phases to go through whenever we get into a new relationship.

The very first one is “attention”.

This is when you first see the person and start to have a good impression.

The better you are at drawing attention (with appearance or communication)

The more people you will attract with ease at first sight.

This is also a typical signal to tell if somebody likes you or not.

The more attention they show to you

The more they are into you.

— -

The second phase is “interest”

This is when you want to get to know the person better

How they are, what they like or care about.

For some reason, you take an interest in everything about them.

They are like a closed book that you want to explore.

This phase is crucial because it decides the future of a relationship.

Now you probably want to make yourself more attractive in the eyes of the other.

There is a simple yet powerful tip:

Authenticity — yes, be as you are.

Don’t fake it to be more interesting.

It’s easier and more seductive to be yourself than trying to become somebody else.

— -

The last phase of a relationship is maintenance.

This is when you start to think long-term and become more committed.

Everyone wants to find the right person

But not many people are willing to do the “hard work” to become the right person.

Things like

. Keep paying attention

. Be yourself but never stop growing, freshening your mind & lifestyle

If both are good at maintaining the relationship, it lasts, and vice versa.

Ha Nguyen

A child advocate & entrepreneur in Helsinki who cares about education, fairness, the environment & sustainability. Stay in touch on IG: @a.second.of.happiness