The so-called neutral feelings

Ha Nguyen
1 min readMay 27, 2020

I’ve always thought that we, human, have 3 different states of mind: happy, neutral, and unhappy

Until mindfulness teaches me a new perspective

That is, having nothing to be unhappy about is actually a state of happiness.

Lemme give you an example.

My mom’s arms have been hurt lately, so much that she couldn’t raise them.

I feel unhappy about it — because she’s in pain, and I could do nothing but watching her through the phone when we video call.

And when her pain goes away, I instantly feel happy, and released.

But that happy state wouldn’t last for long, it would soon become the so-called neutral feeling.

So basically, I would feel neutral when life is NORMAL

No good news nor bad news

No fun nor sorrow

But if I practice mindfulness, I could turn my neutral feeling into a positive state of mind.

I’m happy because I have nothing to be unhappy about!

And I hope you could also feel the same :)



Ha Nguyen

A child advocate & entrepreneur in Helsinki who cares about education, fairness, the environment & sustainability. Stay in touch on IG: @a.second.of.happiness