How to not feel sad?

Ha Nguyen
2 min readDec 22, 2020

How to not feel sad?

I don’t know :)

But there’s something I know for sure

Sadness is a part of life.

Without sadness, there is no happiness.

Just like without darkness we can’t see the shining stars.

So another question I’d suggest asking is

How to deal with sadness or

How to transform it into something more pleasant.

There are certainly times when your sadness becomes unbearable.

Losing loved ones, failing an important exam or a dedicated project, missing out on a big opportunity.

The best thing we can do when this happens is to accept whatever happens.

Welcome the sadness and allow yourself to feel sad.

The more you try to run away from this negative feeling, the worse you may feel, and the longer it takes to recover.

We expect things to go the way we want them to.

Then we worried that things won’t go the way we want them to.



Ha Nguyen

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